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Where to Book Aesthetic  Services

KMNP only partners with clinical sites that fit within specific parameters and philosophies for patient care.  Please contact these locations directly for the most up-to-date availability. 

Gulf Coast Cosmetics (Trinity, FL)

Aesthetic Skin Studio (Clearwater, FL)



After meeting with Kadian Mijic, AGNP-C, please utilize the Fullscript Store to finalize your supplement choices. These choices should correspond and complement your existing healthcare plan; please discuss with and update your primary care provider anytime you would like to make adjustments.

Here's to your health!

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Take health and wellness to the next level with an invigorating fitness program from Women’s Fitness Expert Jaime Baird. Her JaimeFit Digital Studio allows you to access her energizing workouts anywhere, anytime.  She’ll keep you inspired and motivated with her juicy and useful well-life content and coaching. Jaime also offers a personal accountability program to help you stay on track with each step of your journey.  Jaime is a former Editor in Chief of FitnessRx for Women and IFBB professional athlete, a Mama, and women’s fitness expert dedicated to helping you love yourself fit.  

JaimeFit is suitable for all levels

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