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Thank you for visiting the website for Kadian Mijić, AGNP-C of KMNP, PLLC.  Please know that the intention of this site is not to provide medical assessment, diagnosis, or treatment. Rather, this site is designed to introduce KMNP, PLLC, and its provider(s), as well as support users through education and links to appropriate sources for holistic wellness.  It is your responsibility to have and maintain a primary care provider who can know your individual needs, evaluate your health, and then possibly complement your existing care plan with services provided by KMNP, PLLC.

KMNP, PLLC has carefully considered the resources/partnerships offered within this website, however, those sites and entities are owned and operated by persons outside KMNP, PLLC and thus we cannot be liable for their content and/or actions. Still, we would like inappropriate content and/or actions reported so that we can consider our link or collaboration with them.  

Any patient photos used on this website or KMNP social media posts have had signed permission to use or are of promotional quality from the company associated with the post.  The results should be seen as educational examples but not as expected results for all patients. Each patient's results will be made up of their own unique variables such as (but not limited to) age, sex, skin quality, procedures available, aftercare, other treatments utilized, and personal healing. 


Photos and reviews can be removed at any time depending on social media/content schedule, changes to services offered, or if that patient no longer wishes to have their image/review utilized.  To have the photo or review removed the patient will need to submit a written request to KMNP, PLLC.  

When a patient is seen in the clinic setting their patient information is protected and stored in compliance with HIPAA.  This website and social media outlets are not designed for HIPAA compliance, please do not send sensitive health information through this website, or via social media.  Instead, please make an appointment to speak with a provider if sensitive health information needs to be shared. 

Please refer to the terms section for the most up-to-date information, this information was last updated on May 9, 2022.

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